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Many people are constantly trying to enhance their health by taking new ingredient to augment their health and response to various maladies that they have. One such ingredient is CBD oil which is derived from hemp and, like its cousin, medical marijuana, has proven to be effective at treating a wide range of different illnesses ranging from cystic fibrosis to cancer. There are many different options for using CBD oil and many have their own unique benefits and risks associated with them. It is important to explore these options before choosing what your best option for using it is.

Oral Consumption of CBD Oil

CBD oil can be consumed orally, either directly by swallowing, or by capsules. Capsules are easier to buy, transport, and, of course, swallow without off flavors. However, CBD oil can be added to shakes or drinks and disguised in this manner. In many ways, orally consuming CBD oil can provide a user with the most benefits from its usage and provide a safe and reliable way to ingest the oil, and should be the preferred choice for users.

Topical Application of CBD Oil

Some people will choose to apply CBD oil to their skin which can be a great treatment for skin related diseases that CBD oil is known to be effective in treating. While topical treatment is not effective for many disease treatments, it is effective in treating other issues and can therefore be an solid choice.

Inhalation of CBD Oil Vapor

Some people will smoke CBD oil as an ingredient in their e-liquids that are part of the electronic cigarette smoking process. For regular smokers of electronic cigarettes, this provides for a steadier consumption of CBD oil and prevents them from forgetting to use it. For non-smokers, inhaling cbd capsules is not likely to be a wise choice given the other side effects of smoking electronic or regular cigarettes.